Blue Coral Learning creates web-based educational interactives for teacher-led instruction or student exploration, focusing on science, art, and history.

Blue Coral Learning interactives work inside your browser - wherever you need them. They are designed mobile-first and fit a range of form factors, including phones, desktops, and touch panels in multiple orientations.

Blue Coral Learning interactives are designed to pick-up-and-play with no more than one line of instruction. No matter if you're touching, swiping or clicking, usability considerations have been taken for each different platform.

Accessibility is planned for in the earliest stages of the design process. No student or teacher is second class and Blue Coral Learning looks to extend the functionality of every interactive to everyone.

Some Blue Coral Learning illustrations are available through Shutterstock for use in other products and some pieces of artwork from interactives are available through Society6.